6 Ways to Make Huge Money in 2023

 The full-time job that you do is one of the sources of active income you have today. Even though they already have a job, it is not uncommon for some people to still want additional income. Problems occur when you cannot do other work because time and energy do not allow it.

6 Ways to Make Huge Money.

6 Ways to Make Huge Money

Then, how do you get an additional source of income? There are many ways you can do it, even one of which can generate passive income. See in full below, let’s!

1. Become a Partner in Small Business

Running a small business usually does not require a lot of funds to operate, because the market coverage is not yet widespread. However, behind that, even though their small business also wants to expand sales, one of which is by increasing capital, so you can help them in this regard. You can work with one of your colleagues who does a small business to inject their capital funds.

You can become a passive partner to invest some of the funds you have to use in their business. Profit-sharing can be in accordance with the agreement that you have done together with your partner.

2. Become a freelancer

Every skill you have is an asset to generate bigger financial coffers. You can sell your skills as a service to those in need. For example: If you have skills in the field of writing, then you can sell article writing services for blogs or other platforms. Or if you have skills in graphic design, you can also sell your design services.

The payment you get will usually depend on the hours you have flying. The better the portfolio you have, the greater the wages that the client must pay in order to get your services. In the midst of today’s technological developments, you will find many freelancing projects easily over the internet. For now, you can start from Fiverr, Upwork, or a local platform.

3. Build Passive Income Through Blogs

Did you know that currently, the job of being a blogger has become something very promising?

By developing the hobbies you have in writing and several other things such as culinary, traveling, technology, or other things, you have the opportunity to get passive income through this. Just armed with interesting writing about the hobbies you have will make your blog visited by many visitors.

After the blog has a lot of visitors, you can start selling advertising services on the blog, or writing an article to promote a product or service. Whatever activity you do on the blog can be something that makes money easily. Of course, this requires your persistence to consistently provide interesting content.

4. Become an Online Seller

Try to follow the current trends, and reap the big benefits of it. One of the current trends is selling online, both through social media and existing marketplaces. You can take advantage of this trend to become an online seller for several products.

For example: if you sell a product in the form of a diet drug that can be sold for a profit of IDR 50 thousand per product, and you can sell 3 products a day.

So, the profits you get in 30 days will reach INR 50 thousand x 3 x 30 = INR 4.5 million. It is very tempting not only by selling online, but you can also get a profit of up to INR 4.5 million in one month.

5. Take advantage of IT capabilities

Approving for those of you who have skills in the IT field in terms of developer apps, website developers, and programming, you can take advantage of this ability. Amazingly, the wages for doing this IT job are quite large.

Example: To create a website, you will usually be paid a wage of INR 10 million – INR 20 million to create a website.

6. Start Investing

The most important thing you have to do to increase your financial coffers is to invest. The sooner you start funding, the bigger the results you will get. Types of Investments

  • Investing in Gold

Gold is a type of investment that has been widely used by the community for a long time.

In fact, gold is usually referred to as a safe haven asset, which means there is no risk of losing its value amid financial market turmoil. The thing that makes gold investing so attractive is that it has a very low level of risk.

Not only that, but you can also see the items physically and get proof of ownership. But of course, keeping physical items is not always safe, plus you have to provide storage. You can buy and sell gold, starting from IDR 1,000, without being deducted by admin fees.

  • Forex trading

Every day trillions of money are exchanged in forex and this is very important in the economy. Companies, governments, and investors are some of the parties who use forex.

The basic idea of ​​forex investing is to buy a certain amount of foreign currency and sell it when the price is higher than before.

  • Investing in Property

Property is the same as precious metals because it is an asset that can be held and seen physically.

When investing in the property sector, you must consider your investment goals whether you want to get rental income or want to get a higher selling price at a later date. You also have to prepare large funds to start funding in the property sector.

  • Cryptocurrency

Right now, investing in crypto is entering its peak. Incoming with the many experiences of people who are shared on social media, many people want to follow in the footsteps to make a profit. In fact, crypto investing has been booming for a long time, starting with the popularity of Bitcoin a few years ago.

However, in making this type of investment, you must understand that the risk is also high. Moreover, crypto fluctuations tend to be very volatile. So, make sure you understand enough and use cold money, don’t use savings or even borrow money for investment.

  • Buying Shares

Stock investing is perfect if you have long-term financial goals, for example, 10-15 years.

You can buy one of the company’s shares and get returns in the form of dividends that will be distributed and also profits when the share price rises.

  • Deposit

The concept of a deposit is that you save a certain amount of funds in the bank for a certain time, and later you will get interested.

The interest you earn usually depends on how long you keep your money. The storage usually ranges from 1, 3, 6, and 12 months. The longer it takes, the greater the interest you will get. Interest from Time Deposit Investments itself tends to not be too large, as it is a risk-minimum investment, ranging from 2-4% not to mention being deducted by tax costs.

Deposits themselves have become a product of banks in Indonesia. Its presence is usually guaranteed by the LPS or the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS).

  • Mutual Funds

By investing in mutual funds, it means that you will be assisted by MI or Investment Management who will take care of your portfolio.

In Mutual Fund investing, there are several types that you can do.

  1. Money Market Funds
  2. Fixed Income Fund
  3. Mixed Mutual Funds
  4. Equity Funds
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