33 Best Small Business Ideas in Ethiopia (2023) With Good Profit

There Are Many Small Business Opportunities to Start in Developing Countries as Most of Them Re Not Saturated Yet So Here Are All the Small Business Ideas in Ethiopia 2023.

Ethiopia is an African Country and Addis Ababa is Its Capital, the Economy Majorly Depends on Agriculture, Livestock, Service Sector, Small-mid Scale Processing Businesses, and Others.

Small Business Ideas in Ethiopia

With the 13 Most Populated Country, It Opens Many Opportunities to Start Any Business or Startup in Ethiopia.

List Of 33+ Small Business Ideas in Ethiopia [2023] With Good Profit

If You Are Looking for All the Best Small Businesses Then You Can Go With the Online Business the High Demand and if You Are Looking For Any Local and Low-Cost Small Business Ideas Then.

Focus on

  • African Market Research
  • Business Plan
  • Interest

By Focusing on All the 3 Steps You Can Make Your Business Profitable, and Sell Your Products or Services Easily.

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Solar Panel Sales and Service

Solar Panel Installation

A Future Proof Service Based Business Idea, Which is Solar Panel Installation Business.

There is a Huge Demand for This Business as It Comes With Many Benefits From Protecting The Environment to Creating Energy from Bio-Degradable Substances.

So Many People Looking for Solar Panel Installation Service and With a Discount, You can Grab the Earning Coming Customers.

  • Investment:-$500-$1000 Aprrx
  • Income Potential:- $1- $3K Approx
  • Location:-Offline
  • Skills Required:- Solar Installation Service

Cleaning Services

Cleaning Business

Cleaning Business is Yet Another Service Based Business That You Can Start With Zero Investment.

From House to Office, It Requires Cleaning So There is a Huge Demand for This Business, and You Can Start Different Types of Cleaning Business as Like Car and Bike Cleaning, Home Cleaning, Door and Glass Cleaning, and Others.

It is a Service Best Business So Does Not Require Any Investment to Start This Business, and You Can Do This in Your Part Time or Full-Time Career or by Opening an Agency.

  • Investment:-No
  • Income Potential:- $300-400 Approx
  • Location:- House, Office, and Apartment
  • Skills Required:- Cleaning

Most Successful Small Business Ideas in Ethiopia 2023

Mobile Phone Repair

The Modern World is Mostly Depend on Smartphone and the Rapid Growth of Smartphones Selling Increases the Demand for Different Types of Businesses Related to It.

Smartphone Repairing is One of the Best Service Businesses That Require a Very Low Amount of Investment to Start.

To Start This Business You Must Have the Skills in Computer Repairing or Mobile Servicing With You Can Learn Within 6 Months of the Course to Start a Mobile Repairing Shop.

  • Investment:-$300-$500 Opening Time
  • Income Potential:- $200- $400 Approx
  • Location:- Market Place, City Area
  • Skills Required:- Repairing Training

Vending Machines

In the Modern Era, There is a Very High Demand for Different Types of Products and Vending Machines of Them.

There Are Different Types of Vending Machines Like

There are Different Types of Vending Machines Like Coffee Vending Machines, Food and Drink Vending Machines, and Snack Vending Machines.

With a Good Budget, You Can Start a Vending Machine Business and Sell Different Types of Vending Machine Both Online and Offline. There is a Very Huge Demand for Vending Machines in Ethiopia in 2023 and With a Good Budget, You Can Start This Business.

Online Business

Online Business

Online Businesses Are Highly Profitable, and the Loss Ratio is Very Low So It is a Great Business Opportunity That People Are Looking for in 2023.

There Are Many Types of Online Business That You Can Start and Some of Them Are Blogging, E-commerce, Affiliate Marketing, Content Writing, Graphic Designing, and Many More.

So if You Do Not Have Any Skills Then Also You Can Learn Any of Them for Free on Youtube and Start Your Online Business Career in 2023.

Rice Farming


Ethiopia is an Agriculture Oriented Country and Rice is One of the Most Cultivated Crop Because Many People Eat Rice as Their Primary Food.

So Starting of Rice Farming is Another Profitable Agriculture Where You Can Get Loans and Support From the Government.

Rice Farming Takes a Lot of Processes From Seed Cultivating to Harvesting the Crop.

Real Estate

Real estate Business

As Ethiopia is a Developing Country So Real Estate Business Are Not Saturated Yet and Hold the Great Potential to Start a Business.

So if You Have Any Good Investment Then You Can Start a Small Real Estate Company and Invest in Different Real Estate Properties as Well.

There Are Many Places in Ethiopia Where You Can First Invest in Property and Then in Real Estate Buildings for All Types of Office, Mall, and Business Purposes.

Low Cost Small Business Ideas in Ethiopia 2023

Bakery/Pastry Shop

Bakery Business

In Ethiopia There is Used Demand for Bakery Businesses, So Starting a Small Bakery Business is Another Profitable Idea You Can Start With a Low Budget. It is a Best Work From Home Business as Well.

If You Love to Cook Bakery Products Then You Can Prepare Different Types of Baked Goods Like Bagels, Buns, Rolls, Biscuits, Cookies, Cakes, and Cheesecakes Sell It in the Market.

You Can Also Start Selling It in a Crowded Place and Make Money From It.

Entertainment Business (Music, Video, and Rappers)

Entertainment Business

There is High Demand of Entertainment Businesses and Helps to Take Your Hobby Into Business.

So if You Love to Singing & Rapping, Then You Can Start Your Career as a Rapper by Turning Your Passion Into a Profession.

You Can Start Your Own Label and With the Help of Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Other Social Media Platforms Get Exposure From the World.

Security Service & Equipment

Security Service

From Online to Offline There is a High Demand for Security Services and You Can Start a Small Security Service Equipment Selling Business in Your Area.

You Can Provide All the Security Equipments Like Cameras, Alarm Systems, Scanners, and Closed-circuit Televisions With the Installation.

You Can Setup the Business in the Market Place, and Ask Banks, Offices, and Homes for the Installation of Different Security Devices for the Better Safety of Their Property.

Driving School

The Growth of the Automobile Industry is Very High, and There Are Many Small Businesses Related to It Are Also Growing.

So if You Have Proper Knowledge of How to Drive a Car or Bike Then You Can Start a Driving School.

It is a Low Investment Small Business Idea, You Can Start With an Old Car or Old Bike and Other Legal Documents to Start This Business, Many People Who Want to Learn Driving and You Can Help Them in It.

Computer Service and Selling

The Growth of Modern Technology and Computer Selling Increases the Demand for Different Types of Businesses Related to It.

Computer Repairing or Smartphone Repairing Services Are One of the Best Service Businesses That Require a Very Low Amount of Investment to Start.

To Start This Business You Must Have the Skills in Computer Repairing or Mobile Servicing With You Can Learn Within 6 Months of the Course to Start a Mobile Repairing Shop.

Open a Restaurant


Restaurant Business is One of the Most Profitable Businesses, That You Can Start With a Low Budget or High Budget. There is Always a High Demand for This Food Business.

Some of The Famous Foods are Injera, Doro wat, Tere siga, Salata, and Derek tibs.

Start a Small Restaurant in the Market Place, College & School Area, Office Place, and in the Road Side to Get Multiple Customers.

Start Making Regional Food as Well as Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and Other Popular Dishes Will Help to Attract More Customers.

Brick Making

Ethiopia is a Developing State Which is Growing Rapidly So the Demand for Bricks is Also Growing with the Rapidly Growth of the Construction Business.

So Starting of Brick Making Business is Yet a Small Business That You Can Start With a Low Budget.

To Start This Business It Needs a Proper Plan, Budget Idea, Legal Documents, and Human Resources. It is a Best Profitable Business Where It Needs a Skilled Work Force to Bricks Making, Move, and Burning Them.

There is a Complete Process to Start a Make a Brick, but the Revenue Potential is Really Good as Well as the Growth of the Market.

Open a Spa & Beauty Parlor

Beauty and SPA

All the Business Related to Human Are Very Profitable and Beauty Parlor and Spa Salon is One of Them.

It is the Best Business That You Can Start With a Low Budget and Which a Proper Connection and Communication You Can Drive Multiple Customers for Your Business.

There Are Many Female Who Looking for Different Types of Facial, Massages, Pedicure, and Manicure and You Can Start a Small Beauty Parlor in Your Area or a Market Area.

Open a Livestock Poultry Farm

Livestock Farming Business is One of Profitable and Traditional Business That You Can Start With a Low Investment.

These Small Business Are Traditional but Comes With a Great Profit Margin. There Are Different Types of Live Stock Farming That You Can Start Like Duck, Poultry, Eggs, Duck, and Goat Farming.

Do a Proper Market Research and Understand the Demand and Start a Livestock Business Related to It.

Start a Coffee Shop

Ethiopia has Many Places to Start a Small Coffee Shop, There Are Many People Who Love to Consume Coffee and Start a Small Business Related to It as Another Profitable Small Business.

By Renting a Small Place in a Crowded Area You Can Start a Cafe and Sell Coffee in Part Time or Full Time. To Start This Drink Business It Needs Some Investment and a Place to Start, You can Also Start an As Part-time with a Cart or Small Food Truck.


Tutoring Business

Ethiopia Has a Huge Amount of Students and Every Parent Wants to Educate Their Children for a Great Future and to Get a Job.

So if You Have Any Educational Background Then You Can Start a Tutor Service and Provide Education to Children. There is a Huge Demand for This Business and You Can Start It is a Part-Time or Full-Time Career.

You Can Start a Tutor or Online Tutoring Business and Money From It on a Monthly Basis or Session Basis.

SEO Agency & IT Services

Starting an SEO Agency is Another Best Service Based Business, Which You Can Start From Home.

SEO is a Great Demanding Online Business in 2023, Age All the Small Businesses to Large Businesses Want to Drive Customers From Online.

SEO is a Process of Ranking Websites in Higher Positions at Google, So if You Have the Skills of SEO, Then You Can Start a Small Agency Related to It.

What are The Top Cities to Start Business in Ethiopia ?

  • Addis Ababa
  • Gondar
  • Mek’ele
  • Adama
  • Hawassa
  • Bahir Dar
  • Dire Dawa
  • Dessie
  • Jimma

Top 10 Online Business Ideas to Start in Ethiopia 2023

There is a Great Potential Of Starting Different Online Business in Ethiopia 2023, It Also Opens Multiple Earning Opportunities From One Online Business.

So the Best Online Business are:-

  • YouTube Channel
  • Digital Marketing
  • Online Tutoring
  • SEO Expert
  • Stock Market Trading
  • Domain Flipping
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Ecommerce Business
  • Earn From Survey Sites
  • Data Entry Jobs
  • Freelance writing
  • Graphic designer
  • Web developer
  • Social media specialist
  • Vlogging

Top 10 Best Work From Home Business Ideas to Start Ethiopia 2023

  • Tailoring
  • Freelance designer
  • Social media manager
  • Proof Reading
  • Online tutor
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Transcriptionist
  • Cyber security consultant
  • Freelancing
  • Yoga Class
  • Cloud Kitchen

Why You Should Start a Business in Ethiopia – Top 7 Benefits Of Starting a Business in Ethiopia 2023

Starting of Business in the Growing Economy of Ethiopia, Provide Different Opportunities to Start Small Businesses and Startup Ideas, Below Are a Few Steps That You Can Follow and the Best Benefits to Start Any Business in India Are:-

  1. Multiple Business Opportunities
  2. Skilled People
  3. Wide Space Available
  4. Government Support
  5. Industrial Infrastructure
  6. 3 Way Transportation
  7. Investor Friendly
  8. Global Reach


There is No Scarcity of Human Power to Start Any Type of Manufacturing and Processing Business in the Developing Country of Ethiopia.

There Are Many Travelling Sports, Natural Resources and Agriculture Businesses in Ethiopia, by Finding the Market Demand We Add Different Type of Small Businesses Along With the Startup Ideas That You Can Start With Low Investment in Ethiopia.

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