35 Best Small Business Ideas in Taiwan (2023 + Easy)

Taiwan is an East Asian Country That Includes Many Most Successful Small Business Ideas in Taiwan 2023.

It is a Highly Developed Country in Terms of Information Technology, Education, High Tech Manufacturing, Mid Scale Processing Business, and Others.

My Making the Decision of Starting a Small Business in Taiwan, Provides You with a Great Opportunity and All the Required Infrastructure and Market to Start Your Business and Make It Profitable.

There Are Many Large Tech Brands Like Samsung, Intel, AMD, Apple, and Microsoft Setup They Are the Main Chip Manufacturing Companies in Taiwan with a Widely Availability of Raw Materials to Manufacturer Semiconductors.

With the Capital, Taipei of the Major Business Cities Is Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung.

It is a Less Populated High Tech Country, Where Most of the People Are Well Educated and Make the Economy Strong With Professionalism, Which Attract All the Foreign Giant Tech Companies to Set Up Their Manufacturing Businesses in the Country.Small Business Ideas in Taiwan

Top 35+ Most Successful Small Business Ideas in Taiwan 2023

In This Post, We Have Add All the Best Low Cost Business Opportunities, Manufacturing Business Ideas, and Local & Oline Business Ideas to Start in Taiwan.

Game Development Company

It is No Need to Explain, that How People Are Crazy About Gaming and How People Making Money From Different Types of Games.

So if You Have the Skills in Coding, Then You Can Start Creating Different Types of Games With Proper Testing, Coding, and Debugging You Can Launch Different Types of Small Games.

If You Have an Idea and Business Plan Then We Can Go With App & Game Development as a Small Startup.

Online & Offline Services in Taiwan

From Online to Offline the Service Based Business Are the Zero Investment Business That Depends Upon Your Skills and There is No Limit to Earning Money From It.

Some of the Offline Service Based Business Are Catering, Cleaning, Repairing, Handy Man, and Other Services That You Can Start Without Any Investment and Make Money From It, or You Can Go With Online Service Businesses Like Digital Services.

Both of the Businesses Are Highly Profitable but I Strongly Recommend You to Go With Online Businesses, You Can Learn Different Types of Service Based Online Skills From Youtube for Completely Free and Start Your Career in 2023.

Modern Info-Tech Small Business Ideas in Taiwan 2023

Taiwan IT Services

The IT Sector is Booming and All the Business and Companies Related to It is Also Growing Rapidly.

There Are Many People Who Switch Their Career From Other Profession to IT as the Benefits of a High Salary and Other Perks.

With the Proper Knowledge, You Can Also Start Your Own IT Company and Provide All the Software and Web Service to Other Businesses.

Fintech Company in Taiwan

Fintech Businesses Are Growing Rapidly and There Are Many Types of Business Comes Under It.

All of the Businesses Are Highly Profitable as They Are Directly Connected to Money.

So if You Have Proper Knowledge and Skills of Money and Investing Then You Can Start Different Types of Fintech Startups Like Personal Finance Consultancy, Small Loan With Banks, Credit Cards Referrals, Trading Advice, and Financial Blog Websites.

Large Scale Manufacturing Business

With the Widely Availability of Raw Materials From Minerals to Human Resources It Opens a Great Opportunity to Start a Different Type of Large Scale Business in Taiwan.

Document Provide Different Types of Support and Tax Benefits to Start Large Scale Business So With a Good Amount of Investment and a Business Plan You Can Start Any Type of Large Scale Business such as Like Automobile, Steel, and Textile.

Marketing Agency in Taiwan

From Small Businesses to Large Industries, It Require Advertisement or Promotion for the Sales of Their Products and Services, So Every Company and Businesses Looking for Marketing Agency for They Are Brand Advertisement and Awareness.

They Also Put a Certain Budget for Their Businesses for the Advertisement of Their Businesses and in 2023 From Businesses to Celebrity is Looking for Pr Agency.

If You Have Skills in Online and Offline Advertising, Then You Can Work for Small Businesses, Influencers, and Celebrities and Help Them to Promote Their Brand Was Online and Offline.

There is a Very Huge Scope for This Business as the Growth of New Businesses and Entrepreneurship and You Can Earn a Great Amount of Money From This Business, but It Needs Proper Skills in Advertisements to Get Results and Clients.

Startup Business Ideas in Taiwan 2023


Freelancing is One of the Best Work From Home Businesses Where You Are Becoming Your Own Boss.

If You Have Any Particular Skills Then You Can Provide Services Online, There Are Many Platforms Where You Can Sell Your Services and Make Money From There.

Some of the Best Freelancing Platforms Are Upwork, Peopleperhour, and Fiverr, Where You Can Add Your Profile and Get Orders.

Bags and Shoe Production

It is No Need to Explain How the Modern World is Crazy About Bags and Shoes, So There Are Many Brands Related to Them Who Sell Their Products It a Very High Prices Like Nike, LV, Gucci, Dior, and Many More.

With a Low Budget, You Can Start or Bag or Shoes Manufacturing Business and Take Your Business to the Global Level.

Start These Entrepreneurship businesses and Launch Your Product Both Online and Offline Market, With the Help of Digital Marketing Take Your Business to Next Level.

Tours & Travel Agency in Taiwan

There Are Many People Who Want to Go Outside and Some of The Most Visited Places are Kaohsiung, Kinmen Islands, Lukang, Tainan, and Taipei.

With a Low Investment You Can Start a Small Tour and Travel Business and Help People to Reach There Destination, You Can Help Them in Booking Hotels, Restaurants, Train or Flight Tickets, and Reach Their Destination Under a Good Budget.

Along With You Can Provide a Tourist Guide and Rental Services to Make Money From It, Also Starting a Website of Your Business Will Help Tourists to Register and Get Help Online. It Will Increase Your Brand Awareness and Helps to Get More Clients.

Start a Online Startup

Starting a Career as an Entrepreneur is One of the Best and Hard Working Profession.

Starting or Launching of Different Startup is Very Profitable, Launching a Startup Requires a Lot of Investment, Research, and Hard Work but at the End of the Day, It is Totally Worth It if You Have a Good Business Plan.

Starting Online Startups Are Highly Profitable, You Can Start Different Types of Profitable Online Startups Like Niche Based on Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Ads, and Drop Servicing and Make It Profitable.

Mid Scale Small Business Ideas in Taiwan

Personal Finance

After Making Money People Look for Different Types of Financial Advice to Invest the Money and How to Make More Money From It.

So if You Have the Knowledge of Personal Finance and Investing Then You Can Start a Small Personal Finance Business.

There is a Great Demand for This Business and With a Low Investment, You Can Start the Service Business in 2023.

Open a Small Bakery

In Taiwan, There is Used Demand for Bakery Businesses, So Starting a Small Bakery Business is Another Profitable Idea You Can Start With a Low Budget. It is a Best Work From Home Business as Well.

If You Love to Cook Bakery Products Then You Can Prepare Different Types of Baked Goods Like Bagels, Buns, Rolls, Biscuits, Cookies, Cakes, and Cheesecakes Sell It in the Market.

You Can Also Start Selling It in a Crowded Place and Make Money From It.

Tutoring Business

Taiwan Has a Huge Amount of Students and Every Parent Wants to Educate Their Children for a Great Future and to Get a Job.

So if You Have Any Educational Background Then You Can Start a Tutor Service and Provide Education to Children. There is a Huge Demand for This Business and You Can Start It is a Part-Time or Full-Time Career.

You Can Start a Tutor or Online Tutoring Business and Money From It on a Monthly Basis or Session Basis.

Textiles Business in Taiwan

Taiwan is a Great Market for the Textile Business.

With a Good Budget, You Can Start This Mid-scale Business and Manufacture Different Types of Cloth Line.

To Start This Business You Have to Focus on Finding the Best Quality of Cotton Segment, People and Setting Up of Factory to Start.

In This Business, You Can Make a Profit Between 4-15% and Sell Products.

Become a Handyman

With the Skills of Different Home Care Like Repairing Plumbing Systems, Fixing Equipment and Home Appliances You Can Start a Handyman Service Based Business in 2023.

In Taiwan, There is a Huge Demand for Handyman Services, and With Your Skills, You Can Complete This Job, Provide Services in Your Local Area and Help People to Fix They Are Home Equipment of All Demands.

With the Proper Service, You Can Earn On a Session Basis and Provide Discount Prices at the Starting of Your Business.

Dropshipping Business Online in Taiwan

Drop Shipping is Another Most Popular Online Business, Where You Add Products to Your Website and Get Sales by Running Ads.

In This Business You Do Not Have to Store Any Product, but When a User Purchases a Product From You Then You Can Purchase It From Other Wholesale Vendors and Deliver It to the Customer.

This is a Great Business Where You Earn Money by Putting a Margin in It, Product Research and Understanding the Market Will Help You to Reduce the Cost of Your Service and Increase Your Earning.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is Taiwan a Good Place to Start a Business?

Undoutly Taiwan is a Great Place to Start Any Type Businesses, It is the Hub for Tech Industry, Semiconductor Manufacturing, Infotech Business, and Other Facilities That Make Taiwan a Business Friendly Country.

How to Start a Business in Taiwan?

Taiwan is One of the Modern Infrastructure and Well-developed Country That Enhances Many Tech and Semiconductor Businesses to Set Up They Are Industry.

There Are Many Businesses That You Can Start in Taiwan by Following the Below Process, From the Business Ideas to Making the Market Plan We Add All the Important Steps That You Can Follow if You Want to Set Up Your Business in Taiwan.

  1. Find a Business Idea
  2. Get Trained & Make Market Research
  3. Business Registration
  4. Business Name and Trademark Registration
  5. Find a Location
  6. Make Online Presence
  7. Identify Tax Liabilities

Can Foreigners Own Businesses in Taiwan?

Taiwan Government, Welcome Foreigners to Set Up Business as in the Country, and by Following the Legal Steps You Can Get Register Your Business and Take the Benefits of Skilled Workers, Modern Infrastructure, Global Transportation, High-Quality Raw Materials for Your Business.

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