7 New Small Business Ideas & Opportunities in 2023

 2020 provides all of us with valuable lessons. With the Ending of pandemic, we now have to be wiser in managing finances. Not only that, but we also have to be smart in seeing and taking opportunities to find additional income.

During the pandemic in 2020, many people finally decided to start a business. Increasing by increasing online business sales. Now, many people are opening online shops and promoting them on social media.

7 New Business Opportunities in 2021

Well, in 2021, the prediction is that the development of online businesses will continue to increase. For those of you who want to try starting a business, here are new business opportunities for 2021 with small capital.

7 New Business Opportunities in 2021

1. Laundry services

A new business opportunity that you can do in 2021 is laundry services. This business idea will be very popular if you live in a residential or urban area. This is because high mobility often prevents people living in urban areas from having time to wash their clothes. Therefore, laundry services could be a promising new business opportunity in 2021.

The capital is also not much, really. You can use the washing machine at home as initial capital. At the beginning of running this business, you can inform your neighbors or the surrounding community.

Don’t forget to also provide attractive promos so that your business is increasingly in demand.

2. Mask business

The mask business was widespread when the pandemic occurred in India. This is due to the reduced stock of surgical masks on the market. Therefore, many people have finally switched to wearing cloth masks, and of course, many business people have made this their new business opportunity.

Well, in 2021, seeing that until now the pandemic has not subsided, we can be sure that the mask business will still have great potential. You can use this business idea to start a business in 2021.

Meanwhile, nowadays cloth masks have their own rules, one of which must be 3 plies. So, make sure you sell the right cloth masks, huh.

In addition, the mask business also includes having small capital and you can even make your own masks, you know.

3. Home Decoration Materials

The new business opportunities that you can start in 2021 are home decoration materials. The reason is, during this pandemic, many people inevitably spend more time at home. Incoming with the work from homework system and study from the home learning system.

In order not to get bored, people decorate a lot of houses, especially rooms, to change the atmosphere at home. Well, you can prepare all those needs by selling home decoration materials, such as mattress sheets, curtains, pillowcases, ornamental plants, and so on. In addition, you can also sell room accessories such as chandeliers, stickers, or even paintings.

If you have hand skills, of course, you can make it yourself and make much less capital.

4. Buying Service

Still, in touch with the pandemic situation, nowadays many people are reluctant to leave their homes. Apart from wanting to avoid the crowd, it could also be because they are too comfortable at home.

Well, you can take advantage of this phenomenon by running Jastip as a new business opportunity in 2021. For example, you can go to the mall, or a place, then offer friends to leave the items they want. Later, you can benefit from the difference in price or the entrusted service fee.

However, it should be noted that while doing this you must still adhere to health protocols. Always wear your mask and do physical distancing. Besides that, it would be better if you have your own vehicle, so in one go if you can go to several places safely and comfortably.

In fact, you can save on transportation costs, you know. As a first step, you can offer your close friends this jeep first. Promote your entrusted services to your followers on social media.

5. Teaching Services

The next new business opportunity that you can apply for in 2021 is teaching services. Of course, teaching what is meant here is teaching online. Yes, that’s right, during the pandemic, many activities were carried out at home.

In fact, many seminars are conducted via zoom or Google meet. Well, not only that, because they spend a lot of time at home, not a few people spend their time learning new things. Therefore, if you have the ability in a field, don’t hesitate to do online teaching services.

The only capital you need in doing this business is internet access or a network to keep you online. In fact, many have made this a side business, you know.

6. Reseller / Dropshipper

Then you can make this new business opportunity an idea in starting a business in 2021. Yes, being a reseller or running a dropshipping business is becoming increasingly popular, especially with the development of online businesses during this pandemic.

If you are a beginner in running a business, reseller or drop shipper is highly recommended. The reason is, these two businesses are considered to have small capital, and also the risk of loss is also low. Not only that, being a reseller and drop shipper is also easier to do because you don’t directly produce the product.

Even though they both sell other products, they work differently. By becoming a reseller, you usually have to stock several products before they are sold.

Now, by becoming a drop shipper, you are usually only in charge of promoting goods, if later there are buyers you will pass them on to suppliers. After making the payment, the supplier will send the product to the customer, stating your name as the seller.

7. Compost Fertilizer

Next is compost that you can make as a new profitable business opportunity in 2021. This is also related to the current pandemic situation. While at home, many people do many activities at home, one of which is farming. So, therefore, starting an agricultural business can also be a promising venture in the future. Not only that, but you can also do it with a small amount of capital, by using household waste at home.

Yes, you can make compost yourself, especially if you have a large area at home.

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