37+ Profitable Small Business Ideas in Vietnam 2023

A South East Asian Country With a Population of 96 Million It Provides Many Profitable Small Business Ideas in Vietnam 2023.

With a GDP of US$1.278 Trillion, Vietnam is an Agriculture-centric Country and the Economy Majorly Depends on Agriculture, Seafood, Science and Infrastructure Development, and Tourism.

In the Last Few Years, There is an Immersive Growth of GDP Per Capita Development in Vietnam That Enhance the Young Entrepreneurs and Business Owners to Set Up Their Businesses in Vietnam by Using the Infrastructure and Manpower to Make Any Business Profitable.

Some of the Major Business Cities Are Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Haiphong, Cần Thơ, Da Nang, and Biên Hòa, While Hanoi is the Capital of Vietnam Where You Can Set Up Any Type of Small and Mid-Scale Business.Small Business Ideas in Vietnam

Profitable Small Business Ideas in Vietnam 2023

In This Post, We Have Added All the Best Low-cost Online Business Ideas, Manufacturing, and Tourism Business Ideas That Will Help You to Get Success Easily, So Find Out the Best Business Idea for Yourself and Make It Profitable and Growing With the Vietnam Infrastructure and Technology

Online Business

Online BusinessOnline Businesses Are Highly Profitable, and the Loss Ratio is Very Low So It is a Great Business Opportunity That People Are Looking for in 2023.

There Are Many Types of Online Business That You Can Start and Some of Them Are Blogging, E-commerce, Affiliate Marketing, Content Writing, Graphic Designing, and Many More.

So if You Do Not Have Any Skills Then Also You Can Learn Any of Them for Free on Youtube and Start Your Online Business Career in 2023.

Vietnam Tourism

TourismVietnam is Full of Different Architectural Places and There are Many Places to Visit. It Also Attracts the Outsiders to Visit and Explore the Beauty of the Country.

Some of The Best Visiting Place in Vietnam Are Ha Long Bay, Thien Mu Pagoda in Hue, Hoan Kiem Lake, Hoi An, and Cao Dai Temple.

So You Can Start a Tourism Business and Help People to Travel to Different Places in Vietnam. Tourism Business is Another Small Business Idea That Requires Low Investment to Start.

You Can Start This Business Both Offline and Online and People Will Register and Book Tickets From Your Website, and Then You Can Help Them to Book Flights, Restaurants, Hotels, and Other Places to Visit.

Most Successful Small Business Ideas in Vietnam 2023

Import & Exports Business in Vietnam

Import And Export BusinessStart of a Small Import and Export Business Has Many Potential.

Vietnam is an Industry Based Country Where Many Products Like Food, Crops and Other Minerals are Export Daily, such as Import Different Raw Materials, Automobiles, and Oil.

So With a Good Budget, You Can Start Small National or International Import and Export Business.

Restaurant/Bar in Vietnam

Restaurant Business Restaurant Business is One of the Most Profitable Businesses, That You Can Start With a Low Budget or High Budget. There is Always a High Demand for This Food Business.

Start a Small Restaurant in the Market Place, College & School Area, Office Place, and in the Road Side to Get Multiple Customers.

Start Making Regional Food as Well as Chinese, Italian, Mexican, and Other Popular Dishes Will Help to Attract More Customers.

Logistics/ haulage

Transportation BusinessThe Growing Economy of Vietnam Enhances the Transportation Sector.

So if You Have a Good Investment Then You Can Start Your Own Logistics and Transportation Business.

This is a Great Business Idea Where You Can Transport Different Types of Raw Materials, Goods, and Crop Across the Country.

Daycare Service in Vietnam

In Vietnam, There Are Many Working People and They Don’t Have Enough Time to Take Take of Their Home.

So You Can Start a Small Daycare Business and Take Care of the Small Children, Old People, and All the Home.

It is a Paid Service, Which is Great for Housewives, Who Take Care of Other Home After Their Daily Work.

Agricultural & Food Products Processing

Agriculture BusinessThere Are Many Business Related to Agriculture, as Agriculture is One of the Biggest Business in Vietnam.

Many People Depends on It So There Are Many Small Businesses Like Labours, Processing Machines, Tractors, and Equipment that Are Required For This Business.

The Government Also Provided Different Types of Subsidies, Agriculture Loan, So You Can Start Different Types of Food Processing Businesses in Your Area, Like Rice Mills, Wheat Mills, and Different Food & Crops Processing Machines.

Start It as a Small Business in Near Side of Any Agriculture Place and Help Farmers to Process They Are Crops and Make Money From It.

Detergents and Cosmetics

Starting of Detergents and Cosmetics Manufacturing Business Are Always in Demand. From Cosmetics to Detergent, These Are Daily Used Products.

So Starting a Small Business Related to It is a Great Idea. With the Investment and Legal Documents, You Can Start Making Different Cosmetic Products and Sell It Online and Offline Market.

You Can Manufacture Face Wash, Lipsticks, Shampoo, Soap, and Other Daily Use Cosmetic Products and Equipment.

Garment and Textile Products

Vietnam is a Great Market for the Textile Business.

With a Good Budget, You Can Start This Mid-scale Business and Manufacture Different Types of Cloth Line.

To Start This Business You Have to Focus on Finding the Best Quality of Cotton Segment, People and Setting Up of Factory to Start.

In This Business, You Can Make a Profit Between 4-15% and Sell Products.

Old Car Selling & Detailing

Old Car Selling BusinessThere Are Many People Who Loved to Buy Used Cars as It is Feasible for Their Pockets, So Starting of Used Car Selling Business is Another Lucrative Business That You Can Start With Good Investment.

There Are Many People Who Sold Their Bikes After Using Them for a Few Months, So You Can Purchase by Contacting Take Them and Sell Used Vehicles.

You Are Starting This Business You Have to Focus on a Few Steps

  1. Quality of Old Car
  2. Market Demand
  3. Legal Documentation
  4. Budget Plan.

Low Cost Small Business Ideas in Vietnam 2023

Computer & Smartphone Repairing

The Modern Era is Mostly Depend on Computer and the Rapid Growth of Smartphones Selling Increases the Demand for Different Types of Businesses Related to It.

Computer Repairing or Smartphone Repairing Services Are One of the Best Service Businesses That Require a Very Low Amount of Investment to Start.

To Start This Business You Must Have the Skills in Computer Repairing or Mobile Servicing With You Can Learn Within 6 Months of the Course to Start a Mobile Repairing Shop.

Beauty & Spa Business in Vietnam

All the Business Related to Human Are Very Profitable and Beauty Parlor and Spa Salon is One of Them.

It is the Best Business That You Can Start With a Low Budget and Which a Proper Connection and Communication You Can Drive Multiple Customers for Your Business.

There Are Many Female Who Looking for Different Types of Facial, Massages, Pedicure, and Manicure and You Can Start a Small Parlor in Your Area or a Market Area.

Digital Marketing Services

There Are Many Businesses Are Coming Online and Want to Sell Their Product Across the Globe.

So if You Have the Skills in Online Marketing Like Running, Fb Ads, Google Ads, Insta Ads, Content Marketing, and Promotion by Generating Sales and Leads Then You Can Start a Digital Marketing Agency.

It is a Low Investment High Profitable Business, Where It Require Online Marketing Skills and You Can Start This Business From Your Home as Well.

The Company Will Hire You and Pay for Your Work, You Just Need to Do the Promotion of Your Business to Get Clients at the Beginning.

Tutoring Service in Vietnam

Vietnam Has a Huge Amount of Students and Every Parent Wants to Educate Their Children for a Great Future and to Get a Job.

So if You Have Any Educational Background Then You Can Start a Tutor Service and Provide Education to Children. There is a Huge Demand for This Business and You Can Start It is a Part-Time or Full-Time Career.

You Can Start a Tutor or Online Tutoring Business and Money From It on a Monthly Basis or Session Basis.

Cleaning Services in Vietnam

Cleaning Business is Yet Another Service Based Business That You Can Start With Zero Investment.

From House to Office, It Requires Cleaning So There is a Huge Demand for This Business, and You Can Start Different Types of Cleaning Business as Like Car and Bike Cleaning, Home Cleaning, Door and Glass Cleaning, and Others.

It is a Service Best Business So Does Not Require Any Investment to Start This Business, and You Can Do This in Your Part Time or Full-Time Career or by Opening an Agency.

Franchise Business in Vietnam

Franchise Business is Another Profitable Business That Require Some Investment to Start.

So if You Have Some Investment Then You Can Go With Different Types of Franchise Like Food and Beverage, Clothing, Bags and Fashion, and Many More.

Selling Product With the Name of Big Brands Will Easy Your Business.

What are The Top Cities to Start a Business in Vietnam?

From Raw Materials to Skilled Labours, There Are Many Business Cities in Vietnam, Where You Will Find All the Requirements to Start a Business.

So the Major Business Cities Are:-

  • Chi Minh City
  • Hanoi
  • Haiphong
  • Cần Thơ
  • Da Nang
  • Biên Hòa

Top 10+ Online Business Ideas to Start in Vietnam 2023

With the Multi-Earning Opportunities From One Online Business, There is a Great Potential Of Starting Online Business With Low Cost and Work From Home As Well.

Some of The best Online Business are:-

  1. Online Tutoring
  2. SEO Expert
  3. Stock Market Trading
  4. Domain Flipping
  5. Graphic designer
  6. Web developer
  7. Blogging
  8. Affiliate Marketing
  9. Ecommerce Business
  10. YouTube Channel
  11. Digital Marketing
  12. Social media specialist
  13. Vlogging

Top 10 Best Part-time Business Ideas to Start Vietnam 2023

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Transcriptionist
  • Cyber security consultant
  • Freelancing
  • Tailoring
  • Freelance designer
  • Social media manager
  • Proof Reading
  • Online tutor
  • Yoga Class
  • Cloud Kitchen

Why You Should Start a Business in Vietnam – Top 7 Benefits Of Starting a Business in Vietnam 2023

Starting of Business in the Developed Economy of Vietnam, Provide Different Opportunities to Start Small Businesses and Startup Ideas, Below Are a Few Steps That You Can Follow and the Best Benefits to Start Any Business in India Are

  1. Multiple Business Opportunities
  2. Skilled People
  3. Wide Space Available
  4. Government Support
  5. 3 Way Transportation
  6. Investor Friendly
  7. Global Reach
  8. Industrial Infrastructure

So Take All the Benefits to Start Any Small to Mid-Scale Business and for Online and Service Based Business You do Not Need Location or Registration to Start.

Wrap Up

In This Post, We Add All the Best Small Businesses to Start in Vietnam, From Small Businesses to Online Businesses, We Add All Of Them For You, So Find The Best Business According to Your Interest.

If You Don’t Have Any Money Then You can Go with Online business and Service Based Small Businesses with Low Investment.

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