How to Prepare Savings Fund for the Holidays

 Vacation may be a favorite word for everyone, especially for children. For the children, at the end of the school year, what is in their minds must be taking a walk. Go to an amusement park, hike in nature, swim on the beach, or stay in a beautiful villa in the mountains.

Vacationing nowadays has become one of the people’s needs and if done regularly will have a positive impact on mental health and can enrich the experience. To carry out family vacations, especially in remote places, for example abroad, of course, funds are needed.

How to Prepare Savings Fund for the Holidays

Instead, beforehand you have to plan your vacation budget as well as possible so that there are no big pegs rather than poles that will cause new problems after the holidays are over. A vacation budget will make you more disciplined in managing expenses and prevent you from wasting funds on items that are not needed. 

Then, how do you do it? Come on, do these things! 

Costs that must be prepared before the holidays

1. Vacation Places

The tourist destination you choose will clearly determine the size or size of the vacation funds that must be spent. The costs involved will be less if the selected place is closer.

For that, invite all family members to join in the negotiations to make decisions about where to go for your tour.

2. Regarding Transportation

Calculate the transportation costs you need to provide for return and departure. Your preferred means of transportation will also determine the size of the budget that must be provided.

3. Hotel or Lodging

Tips to save on lodging costs is to make reservations in advance because on D-day the hotels around tourist attractions will generally be booming so that the rental fee may be more expensive.

4. Meal Costs

Calculate the cost of meals per day times for the entire family and the number of days for the planned vacation.

While on vacation you certainly can’t cook your own food.

5. Tourist Facilities Tickets (If Any)

Entrance tickets or HTM must also be included in the vacation budget post, especially if the tourist destinations are amusement parks or theme parks such as Dufan.

6. Shopping for souvenirs or souvenirs

Souvenirs are something you can’t miss on vacation to share with relatives or neighbors around the house.

In addition, children may want to buy souvenirs as a memento of having visited certain tourist destinations.

7. Other costs

In addition to the various expenses that have been planned above, ideally, you also have to prepare other costs in case something unexpected happens.

The minimum recommended amount is around 10%. After finishing making a budget, now you just need to prepare the funds. The source of funds should come from your own savings which were deliberately saved a few months earlier which were intended for holidays.

Besides that, the year-end bonus or Hari Raya Allowance can also be an additional fund for your family vacation. So, if you are still confused, now will tell you how to save or prepare vacation funds.

How to Prepare Savings Fund for the Holidays

1. Select a bank that provides vacation fund savings

The first thing you can do is save in an account that is different from your daily account. So, choosing a bank account that provides vacation fund savings might be an option.

Currently, on average, all banks in Indonesia already have this service, you know. But, of course it’s good for you to keep comparing the facilities provided by each bank before deciding to choose one of them.

However, it should be noted, if you really should choose a bank where you have large enough savings because this type of savings requires a master saving which will later be used to withdraw funds as a monthly deposit.

In other languages ​​it is Auto-Debit. Another way, instead of bothering to open a new savings account, it’s better to use existing savings so that the submission process will be faster.

2. Determine a vacation destination

Discuss this with your family where they want to vacation. Do they want to vacation in the territory of Indonesia only or want to go abroad?

Of course, the cost of going abroad will be much greater, not to mention having to take care of visas and so on.

However, this does not matter, the important thing is that the entire family has agreed so that there will be no further changes so that the travel plan can be arranged properly.

3. Determine when to vacation

This will also be closely related to your ability to save per month. If you think you are able to achieve the vacation savings target for one year, then it is okay to choose one year.

But, if not, choose a more flexible vacation time so that you are not too overwhelmed just because you want to go on vacation with your family.

4. Try Monthly Deposits

The monthly deposit is obtained after calculating the overall need for funds then divided by the time period you save.

Next is a matter of your commitment to continuing paying the deposit until it’s time for you and your family to pack and go on vacation.

Determined your vacation destination

After you have determined your vacation destination, the bank will help you make details of vacation financing with your family, for example, how many people will go on vacation, transportation costs, lodging costs, expenses during the trip, pocket money, and so on.

While vacation time will affect the assumption of increasing value, for example, lodging prices this year will certainly be different from next year’s lodging prices, besides that, determining the time of departure will also affect the number of installments that you will pay each month.

Through the vacation fund savings system, anyone will have the opportunity to take a vacation not only limited to those who have more money because actually where you have the will there will always be away.

Aren’t you saving every month, it’s just that this time your savings have a specific goal, which is to go on vacation with your family.

For those of you who think to meet the funding requirements to apply for a loan vacation, should you know about the variety of loan interest credit.

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