How to Create a Background for a Business Proposal

 A business proposal is a form of the submission made by an entrepreneur regarding a business plan or business to be carried out.

The proposal is submitted to another party to convince that party to provide support for the business plan made. This support can be in the form of funds, permits, or approvals.

There are several things that need to be considered in how to make the introduction and background for a business proposal so that what you want can be achieved.

How to Create a Background for a Business Proposal

You must make it with good and attractive content and format. In addition, the proposal must also be addressed to related parties such as agencies, companies, or related institutions to conduct negotiations and a convincing presentation.

Business Proposal Functions

A business proposal has important benefits for someone who is going to run a business. Before doing these needs, an entrepreneur must be able to make and package proposals properly.

Unfortunately, not everyone can make effective proposals for building business partnerships, funding requests, and licensing. The proposal will determine how the donor agency or target client is able to capture the proposed plans, ideas, and programs.

Therefore, make sure to make a proposal that is able to ‘sell’ your business plan idea. In addition, you must also be able to market the business proposal to anyone who is targeted to provide support for your business.

This stage itself is also not easy. You must have the skills to influence clients or other people in order to accept and have the same point of view as you.

Having a business proposal offers several functions, namely:

  1. To set up a business from small to large scale
  2. To register tenders from government or private agencies
  3. To apply for credit to the bank
  4. To get business sponsorship
  5. To get business investors

Elements of a Business Proposal

When someone makes a business proposal, of course, you already intend that the proposal is elegant, attractive, and deserves support.

So your goal for procuring funds will be easier to realize. To make a business proposal that is right and on purpose, there need to be elements that must be present in each of these proposals

1. Preliminary

The introduction is an introductory chapter. In this section, you will describe the business background, vision, and mission, and a description of the business being carried out, including current market conditions.

2. Business Profile

This section contains a brief description of the type of business being run, including the business model.

In addition, you also need to include your company name and business location. Make sure the location is entered on the Google Map so that the location is clearer.

3. The organizational structure of the company

Each company must have its own organizational structure, both stand-alone and a system that has cooperation between owners and employees.

If the company has an organizational managerial system, you can mention it from managers, business owners, HRD, marketing, etc.

4. Product

Products become the spirit of a business. If there are no products to sell, of course, you cannot run a business.

In this section, state the types of products that are produced, how the process is made, and the advantages of the product.

5. Target Market

In this section, state who the target market for the product is, including the marketing area, group, and age range being targeted.

6. Promotion and Marketing

This section describes the marketing strategy carried out and how to promote it

7. Financial statements

There are 3 things that need to be included in this section, including funding requirements, expenditures for business, and realistic and logical fund calculations. If there is, you can add the calculation for the results.

8. Closing

This section contains the last words to convince other parties or investors to be interested in your business.

This is also a place to write down expectations from the business proposal and thanks to you for being willing to read your proposal

9. Attachment

Supporting information for the proposal includes a bio of the business owner, business license, business agreement, training certificate, business certificate, or other supporting documents.

How to Create a Background for a Business Proposal

The Importance of Creating a Promising Business Proposal Foreword

The foreword becomes the front part of a business proposal after the cover. This page is the first greeting from the proposal maker to the audience.

It is this section that will give the business the first impression of whether or not it attracts the attention of investors.

For that, be sure to make a way to make a preface and background for a business proposal that is as attractive as possible so that readers are interested in reading your proposal to the end.

How to Create a Business Proposal Preface

The foreword of a business proposal is usually almost the same as the foreword that is often found in books, papers, etc. There are 3 parts that need to be included in the introduction to the business proposal, namely the opening, the content, and the closing. 

  • Opener

In this section the authors express gratitude and gratitude addressed to God in accordance with their respective beliefs.

After that, it can be continued with thanks to those who have played an important role in the business.

  • Contents

This section contains a brief description of the contents of the proposal. You can write an overview of the contents of the proposal so you don’t need to be detailed.

  • Closing

This section contains the author’s apology if there are errors or deficiencies in the explanation of the foreword.

Meanwhile, the hope contains further views on the topics discussed in the proposal.

How to Create a Background for a Business Proposal

After the introduction, the paper writer will certainly make a background. For a business proposal, the background can contain phenomena or problems that occur in society.

This phenomenon is the background for the emergence of your business because the products offered are a solution to overcome these problems. There are several important things that need to be considered in making the background, namely:

  • Ideal conditions

To create a backdrop, start with ideal conditions. For example, for a food business, you can write that food is one of the most important needs of society that must be fulfilled and the request is repeated from time to time.

Food is not just how to meet biological needs but how taste can provide a different experience when someone enjoys food.

  • Phenomena or Problems in the Field

In this section, the writer explains how the actual conditions are happening in the field. This condition can be a problem, anxiety, or something else that requires a solution.

The following is an example of the various flavored cassava chips business. Most of the cassava chips sold in the market today have a monotonous taste, for example, only the original taste or savory salty.

  • Solution

This is an opportunity for you to explain how your product can be a solution to answer market problems.

Still, for the example of the cassava chips business, you can make it like the following sentence: Various Flavors of Cassava Chips can be a solution to answer the needs of people who want to get a different sensation in enjoying cassava chips.

A wide selection of flavors can provide flexibility for consumers to choose their favorite tastes. So little information on how to make a preface and background for a business proposal.

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